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PONIES 24-7 Announces Lifestyle Advertising Agreement In Place With Respected Affluent ‘Relaxed Luxury Audience’ Publisher
May 15, 2017- PONIES 24-7 Inc., publishers of PONIES 24-7, a digital magazine that promotes ‘Living The Horse Racing Lifestyle’ is pleased to announce that they have secured a bundling advertising sales and promotional agreement with the Canadian-based ‘Relaxed Luxury Audience’ market magazine publisher PIE MEDIA GROUP, effective immediately.
The agreement calls for a joint advertising network to be made up of PONIES 24-7’s digital magazine, three PIE Publications, and the companies respected web sites and special event sponsorships. With the aggregation in readership that this program is expected to reach, it is anticipated that PONIES 24-7 and PIE MEDIA GROUP will together become industry leaders in the affluent and highly sought out ‘Relaxed Luxury Audience’ market, a group that includes the lavish lifestyle sectors of tourism, fashion, wine and spirits, music, culture design, wellness and hospitality, and of course horse racing, just to name a few.
Speaking on behalf of PONIES 24-7, Publisher Larry Simpson says that since its inception, the mandate for their digital magazine, has been to promote the ’ horse racing lifestyle experience’ while simultaneously developing further advertising markets and additional revenue streams for the company beginning with the well-heeled lifestyle market.  “ Aligning ourselves with a media group like PIE, who are already firmly entrenched in several lifestyle sectors, makes this a ‘win-win’ for all parties; for PONIES 24-7, the agreement escalates the magazine to new levels of advertising, readership and entertainment value, while for the PIE MEDIA GROUP, the arrangement will introduce their publications to the attractive and affluent horse racing industry, and provide them with all- important digital presence now.”
Sandra Roberts, Publisher of the PIE MEDIA GROUP’S three publications concurred, saying that they too appreciate the value that the PONIES digital magazine will add to her publications, and that an arrangement in bundling ad sales and sponsorships will also assist in growing the company’s ‘stable’ of unique magazines. Both Publishers concurred that a bundled advertising program would also lead to other shared initiatives including potential editorial ‘swaps’.
Presently the PIE MEDIA GROUP has three publications, the nationally distributed PIE Bookazine, the regional PIE Digest, and PIEface, a contemporary children’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. All can be found in an IPad application format, and in select retail stores across Canada. The fact that their content is not dated or seasonal generates a longer shelf life than most other magazines, and allows their readers to purchase the publications as collectors items, while advertisers will benefit from an increase in readership.
The bundling advertising program announced today by PONIES 24-7 is quite timely, and bodes well with the recent news on the important role that the diverse affluent lifestyle market that can be provided by horse racing, now plays to larger advertisers. The recently run Kentucky Derby, was proof in point- considered by many to be “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” this years edition once again saw millions ‘glued’ to their television sets, watching not only a horse race, but also a nationally broadcasted presentation that included a steady stream of Lifestyle commercials and advertisements that were attractive to racing fans everywhere. “With our agreement with the PIE MEDIA GROUP in place, we believe that essentially, that together our publications will now be able to offer these same advertisers a similar market, only on a 365 days per year basis!” says Larry Simpson.
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