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Exclusive interview with CEO of Woodbine

Exclusive interview with CEO of Woodbine

The PONIES 24-7 magazine model has been designed and developed to become the ‘flagship’ centerpiece of a unique precedent setting horse racing media and branding company. Even in its embryonic stages, our company realized the infinite potential and reach of digital and social media, and that there was a tremendous need for a company offering complete branding, communication and marketing for the entire horse racing industry. In essence, developing a visually pleasing digitally transmitted horse racing lifestyle magazine, while concurrently utilizing social streams like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for its further promotional development.

A distinctive magazine reach of over 150,000 avid race enthusiasts, horse racing adoption charity supporters, racing association members, etc., combined with an inimitable Lifestyle content, will provide advertisers a unique opportunity to partner with a distinct brand, and be part of the ‘well heeled’ horse racing advertising space!

PONIES 24-7 is all about horse racing with regular articles on racing, travel, dining, fashion, and personal interest, including stories that center on people who drive the industry. Our editorial appeal will be directed to the millions, who annually watch Thoroughbred’s Kentucky Derby, attend famous Royal Ascot, or are regular followers of harness racing, Quarter Horse or Steeplechase meets around the world. In addition, casual race enthusiasts will eagerly embrace the ‘pages’ of PONIES 24-7, appreciating its value, as a model platform to educate and promote horse racing as “the” entertainment ‘lifestyle’ of choice!

With human interest stories, editorial features on sports and media celebrities and articles blending horse racing with the popular lifestyle market, PONIES 24-7 will soon become known for its unique and deep editorial approach not commonly found in other magazines of its kind but that is of interest to many.

PONIES 24-7 is delighted to be at the forefront of the digital magazine medium by providing an interactive and engaging way for advertisers to capture and connect with our readers in an entirely new way, while enriching the reading experience with creative layouts, and compelling editorial. Partnering with PONIES 24-7 may just be the best branding decision you can make!

In other words, we are more than a horse of a different colour!